Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday and Wenesday

Yesterday I did exactly as I planned. I woke up packed my gym bag with my work clothes...packed lunch and dinner and went off to the gym. I did a Buns and Bellies class then went to work. I felt good but for some reason it doesn't feel like i'm working out much...hmmm...well its my first week back on a serious note so I will hang in there.

Today I have the same thing planned out but I will be going to a muscle pump class (weight lifting)...and then off to work I go. The good thing about today is that my hubby will come home today which makes things a lot better. Well in some ways anyways...

I get home and someone is waiting for me.
I don't have to eat dinner alone (but today I will have dinner at work)
I wake up by his side:)
He cleans the house.
I go to the gym with him:)
We are going to spend all weekend together because I am off this weekend from work!

He's a very picky eater.
He likes to eat out.
He plans everything too (which makes it difficult for me).
I am so tired when I come home from work that cooking dinner is not always an option.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Today went well...I woke up this morning and packed a salad for lunch and ate Kashi cereal for breakfast. I went to the gym after work and did a 45 minute pilates class then jumped on an elliptical for another 30 minutes. I have to say that today was good especially because I ended the night with eating a can of tuna a an orange. yum! So there you have it...monday in a nut shell. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello all! I have been gone for a while and I can't assure I'm back but while on my hiatus I have to say that I've gained wieght and I am not a happy camper....I have to say though that I have not stopped working out completely...I have been going to the gym at least five times a week for the past three weeks...prior to last week...Last week I fell off the wagon. No excuses just stuck in a rut. I have to tell you all though that tomorrow I will re-jump start my jump start to wieght loss. My new goal is to get down to 170 lbs by July...and I currently wiegh 199.2 lbs...I plan to lose 2 lbs a week up until I reach my goal...Please let me know what you think and if you have any advice please share. On a good note my hubby just bought me some new tennis so I will be breaking them in tomorrow :)

Wish me luck ladies! Oh an pray for my will power to stick.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am now back...I think

Hello ALL!

I have been on a hiatus but I think I'm back...I've gained weight as most of you can probably guess...but I really want to be on a healthier track not just because of the new year but for me...I feel...well FAT...need I say more...I want to work out and feel good about myself and focus less on the wieght. Congratuations to all of you who finished the challenge! I am sooo glad women have more will power than I do. I plan to change that though. I am now 28 years old and well it isn't easy to loss wieght any longer so I have to make healthier choices and work out at least five times a week. I pay for a membership at the Y and have been there in the past two months maybe once or twice. Go figure...I need to positive and I dont' feel positive so I need to change my mindset.

So there it is. My "big" plan...working out and being healthier with all my food choices. Wish me luck!

I'll keep in touch.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Apologies...

So here is it...I messed up and didn't weigh in yesterday and I didn't post...I got kicked out and rightfully so becuase I wasn't responisble enough to post I kicked myself out. I am going to continue to post on my blog and check in on all of you...Good luck!

Remember to reap from your positive thoughts!!

Have a great Healthy day!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Its Friday!! Why am I excited? Well I am going to see my hubby today...and no I didn't work out and no I won't be off tomorrow or Sunday but I am going to make the best of my day. I hope that it flies by at work even though I close today. Anyway..Spinning yesterday was Crazy!! Imagine Billy Blanks giving the class...LOL...But I got off that bike going wow that was a workout! It was so worth the 4:50 alarm going off...

So the lesson for the week: Positive thoughts bring about positive things into your life; So make the best of Every situation.

MUAH! Have a Great Healthy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tonight instead of tomorrow morning..

Well I am posting my blog tonight instead of tomorrow because I am getting up extra early to meet up some co-workers to go work out on base...which by the way is about 20 minutes away. I do not go into work until later so I am going to go work out with the girls...I was supposed to go workout today after work but I didn't...I don't have a real good excuse and even if I did an excuse is an excuse. So none of that. I am going tomorrow and my friend Desi is waking me up. So I guess 4:45 a.m. it is. Wish me luck spinning in the morning...then off to work...Yay! Alright you all have a great one and be positive and do not focus even on others complaining or negativeness.

Muah and Healthy Day to All of you!