Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Apologies...

So here is it...I messed up and didn't weigh in yesterday and I didn't post...I got kicked out and rightfully so becuase I wasn't responisble enough to post I kicked myself out. I am going to continue to post on my blog and check in on all of you...Good luck!

Remember to reap from your positive thoughts!!

Have a great Healthy day!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Its Friday!! Why am I excited? Well I am going to see my hubby today...and no I didn't work out and no I won't be off tomorrow or Sunday but I am going to make the best of my day. I hope that it flies by at work even though I close today. Anyway..Spinning yesterday was Crazy!! Imagine Billy Blanks giving the class...LOL...But I got off that bike going wow that was a workout! It was so worth the 4:50 alarm going off...

So the lesson for the week: Positive thoughts bring about positive things into your life; So make the best of Every situation.

MUAH! Have a Great Healthy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tonight instead of tomorrow morning..

Well I am posting my blog tonight instead of tomorrow because I am getting up extra early to meet up some co-workers to go work out on base...which by the way is about 20 minutes away. I do not go into work until later so I am going to go work out with the girls...I was supposed to go workout today after work but I didn't...I don't have a real good excuse and even if I did an excuse is an excuse. So none of that. I am going tomorrow and my friend Desi is waking me up. So I guess 4:45 a.m. it is. Wish me luck spinning in the morning...then off to work...Yay! Alright you all have a great one and be positive and do not focus even on others complaining or negativeness.

Muah and Healthy Day to All of you!

Good day ahead of us!

In contiuance of yesterdays post..I will announce that I went to a spinning class after work then I came home and watched some tv followed by bed time nice and early since I am sore for Monday and Tuesday's workouts...Yesterday was a great day at work..I am telling you that if you focus on good thoughts good things follow. My day flew by yesterday! But I do have to say that I have not been eating the healthiest...But Iam going to cut down on all this candy surrounding me. I am taking a bag to work to give away. So how is everyone else doing? I hope that you all are being positive and active...I will check in later...Have a great HEALTHY POSITIVE day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week Nine Weigh In

Today I stepped on the scale realizing before hand that I had gained weight. I weighed 195.6 almost a pound up from last week but I am not going to sit here and tell you to feel bad for me because of all the challenges I've had this month...Reality is that we all face challenges daily and it is only defeat that we should worry about. I am not going to let this past month defeat me. November is a new month and I am going to do my best to lose as much as I can before the last weigh in. I am going to start listening to my CD's of the Secret again and be positive...I need a reminder of how to keep those nasty thoughts out of my head. The law of attraction says that you attract what happens to you daily depending on your thoughts and feelings...if you feel bad you will continue to attract bad feelings...if you think of something that brings happiness to you....and focus on will attract more happiness to you...Good Luck on tapping in to those feelings you all...MUAH!

And thank you for being there...

Have a great Healthy day!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Totally out of the Loop..

I logged in today to catch up on what's going on with my fellow GAG-ers...I realized I am way out of the loop...because I haven't been checking in...well that's probably because I haven't been to the gym or even eating healthy...I am soooo not feeling myself lately...I want to jump start this whole thing again but I don't feel like I have the energy. Is there anyone out there who can help me out with this one...UGH!!! Okay no more feeling sorry for myself...okay..enough...I will try to make a bigger effort to check in more often.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I weighed in this morning at 194.8 I have gained almost five pounds from the last weigh in and well need I say more. I am totally bummed but I've been so busy...I will make it to the gym on Thursday for sure so that way I don't feel like this week too..has been a waste...back on track after this flu and busy week with bosses and what not...I hate excuses so I am going to get back to it...I refuse to weigh more than at the beginning of this challenge!

So you all have a great Healthy day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Day Today...All Week

Today my boss is coming to my store...and it's all about making sure he's impressed with my progress....I have seen so much of my District boss lately and will be that he may have had enough of me for the rest of the in all actuality my boss is cool...very smart and I have learned a lot from him...I have three if one wasn't enough but hey you do what you have to. So no work out today and no work out tomorrow because I am going with the boss to Bismark...and then Wed. he is back at my store until he flies there goes three days...My flu is still here but I feel a lot better...I want to get to the gym....And I don't even know if there is a weigh in tomorrow...please let me know...Ok wish me luck..

You all keep up the good work and remember to be Healthy...MUAH!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm back...

I know I've been gone for two weeks not one and I was going to check in on Tuesday but the following occurred....I got ready Monday night for a company business trip I need to leave for on Tuesday at about eight...I was going to log in and update my blog before I left but then I received a phone call from a friend asking me if I would take her to the of course I got all my things together got them in the car and took my friend to the hospital then back home...then of course I was late to getting on the road so I took off after dropping her off at home. See we are Air Force wives and our husbands leave every couple days so we are alone most of the week. And of course; I took her because we are all we have when our husbands aren't home. So then I left to the twin cities for the meeting I needed to attend and I started feeling my throat bother me...I ignored it as long as I could but by Wed night I knew I was sick. All day Thursday I felt like poo...even at the meeting on that day...and imagine I still had an eight hour drive back after the meeting...So I drove home and of course have been trying to recover from this monster...Today I woke up made breakfast and now I am going to work...even though I don't feel 100% I need to go get something done because I haven't been there all week and my district supervisor will be in tomorrow...AHHHH!! So there you all have it...I am trying to recover and get to the gym too! I haven't worked out since two Fridays ago...don't worry I'm still in this...I am not going to quit...

I hope all of you are doing great and are being healthy...MUAH!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Leaving This Team!

Today I was a bit sadden by the fact that people are leaving us (challenge)...but I am also happy for them because they have chosen that GAG isn't for them or just doesn't fit in their lives right now...which is okay too! Our lives are constantly changing and I can't say I haven't contemplated about leaving the challenge too! But I need a challenge to move fact after GAG I have a plan of doing an Olympic triathlon...That means I need to lose some weight to run comfortably as well as sit in a bit seat for miles on those of you still with us I'm sooooo proud of all of you...and to those who aren't I wish you all the best in life!

Today my babe comes home and I will meet him at the gym after work...Super happy about that! Oh and my weight loss as well 1.2 pounds! I'm happy that I did better this time around. I hope that all of you stick with it while we are on "break". I totally appreciate this quiet week because I do have family who survived breast cancer.

Good luck to all of you this weekend and remember Have a great HEALTHY day EVERYDAY!


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Monday before Weigh In

Goodmorning everyone! Today I woke up and got ready for work and served myself some kashi with fresh berries and yogurt....for lunch I will have a salad with some chicken and then after work I will go to the gym....All this is "the plan" what will actually occur is not known...but I will try my best to stick with what I plan to do.

Ok...I really haven't put much in the blog these past couple days so....I will try a little harder to be more motivated...trying to do anything lately has been hard...I'm homesick and its cold...a bad combo in my book...I hope everyone else is doing great though...

Have a Great Healthy DAY!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today I went to the gym and did the muscle pump was good! I felt tired afterward and instead of staying for another class I came home...I made myself a tuna salad and now I'm just lounging...It is cold outside I anything I can do to stay out of the cold is way good in my book...

I'm not looking foward to going to work tomorrow but we all have to make a living...I've been working out but I can not get out of my homesickness funk...I don't feel like myself...yuck!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday and Just Me

So back to being by myself...I guess it will be work then the gym today. Then of course the gym tomorrow. Okay and no more starbucks!! I have been drinking starbucks coffee instead of dinner for the past two no more. Anyway I have not lost a pound.,..I'm totally stressing!

So there is my check in...not feeling very chipper today.

Hope you all have a great healthy day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday & Super Cold!

So today is Thursday and it's only getting colder here in ND....Like I said before I've lived in Texas my whole life until recently and now I'm in "Antarctica!" Ok well it feels that way for me...My friend Lisa is leaving to Michigan because her husbands' grandmother passed yesterday...My prayers are with them and their families...So today I am going to the gym then home to get ready for work...then of course work it is. I will take dinner since I close tonight and won't get out until 9:30....

On a different note I wanted to share that I am super homesick! My sister called this morning at like 7 and she said to bundle up because I live in the coldest part of the country at the time...WoW! I miss my family and friends and my pet too! When my husband is not home and I am alone I feel horrible...I don't want to eat or even go outside...I mean I drag myself to the gym but then right back home....I know that I am a 27 year old woman but I am very attached to my family...especially my MOMMA! I miss her the most considering she lived with me the past 5 years before moving up here. Anyway I am going to be as positive as I can a couple months I will be visiting home for Christmas..

Ok everyone have a wonderful Healthy Day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hubby Back!

I love the fact that my husband is back home...I really feel homesick when he isn't here...even after I go to the gym....Today I made us a smoothie for breakfast and we are going to the gym..I'm doing a muscle pump class and he is working on free weights...I didn't weigh myself this morning because its that time...just as I mentioned prior...yuck! But I am going to fight the stay in bed because its cold, your are feeling yucky, and you are tired feelings. For lunch I am going to hope that the chicken defrosts in time and I get to make my pasta. Anyway I really hope the rest of my team does well and keeps their goals in check...REMEMBER THINK HEALTHY!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Frienemy...

So this scale of mine....eegh...totally erks me sometimes really!~ I weighed myself yesterday and I was at 191 lbs and I was all stoked thinking if I am really good all day I can totally be at 190 tomorrow..well didn't turn out that way this morning..I weighed 193.2...not even a complete pound lost from last weigh in. I am so frustrated with this scale...forget the scale my body! WTF I have been working out in fact if super ugly outside and still I drag myself to the gym...woooh...

Okay....getting a I ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and a salad for lunch...going to the gym if time permits after work and then coming home and making dinner for my hubby and I. Chicken with whole wheat yolk less pasta and tomato sauce which is low in sugar and sodium...

A new week right? Okay so I'm going to focus on the good and I may come back next Tuesday with a 5lbs loss...jk. I will keep it up...I realized just right now that I am expecting my monthly friend soon which probably explains the gain....ok I will not freak anymore.

The new challenge is great you can earn all sorts of points...oh and I believe I kept my promise which I posted on my blog last week...So this week I promise to go into all my team mates blog at least twice this week...So there you have it a freak out-daily blog-and total mess!! LOL


Sunday, October 4, 2009


So today I am here at home off from work and I am going to the gym...but the gym does not open until noon...yesterday I didn't make it to the gym and I spoke to my hubby on the phone and he said don't be bad and to I will go today for sure..I was super tired yesterday..I will walk at least an hour..Ok so there you have it...those are my plans for today.

OH and for breakfast I had an omelet made with three small eggs (two whole; one white)...and of course my coffee...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Checking In..

Hello all! Well I didn't get to the gym yesterday and I ate two slices of pizza...I know...but today I am going to the gym after fact I wasn't going to pack my bag because I thought I was running late for work but turn out I don't go in until here it is I am going to the gym after work and I am going to be healthy ALL day today...I'm feeling better than yesterday but I am a bit sore...I'll get over it...I'm kind of excited about going to the gym today...since I didn't go yesterday I miss it..sort of...

So a Healthy day to all!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buenos Dias!

Hello everyone! Today I am beat and I didn't go to the gym....I woke up in tme but then I laid in bed...thinking it's cold...I'm sore...and tired...then the inevitable happened...I fell back to sleep. I woke up and saw that it was 9:09 am which is six minutes until the class that I wanted to do starts...Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up. I ate my kashi cereal with low fat soy milk with one banana...I think I'm still off to a good start.

See I think this all happens when its cold outside...brrr...j/k. Anyway I close again tonight at work so I will pack my dinner and healthy snacks so I don't attack the vending machine. I will probably go the gym tomorrow after work when I get out earlier. I've been feeling tired lately but I've been dragging my ass to the gym four days in a row..I feel great afterwards then..after my shower I'm back to "man I'm tired..." WTF...Maybe I need to workout the high after a workout lasts longer too.

Okay I'm crazy...but on a different note I haven't received the "amazing acai berry" supplement...not to thrilled about receiving it anymore since they charge you 79.99 for 14 capsules...turns out the free trial is only 14 days worth and they send you thirty! I called and told them that I was going to send it back as soon as I received it...crazy...these people are rip offs! No wonder I never fall for those gimmicks...but I got suckered in this time...Don't do it people...they are after your money...

Alright back to being positive...Have an Awesome Healthy Day! And THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good so far...

Hello you all...I didn't blog yesterday but I did check in...yesterday was my day off and I spent it with the hubby...we went to the gym in the morning then we went grocery shopping, then I went to get my hair far as eating goes we had a smoothie for breakfast, a pita wrap with chicken for lunch and then I made chicken was a great day as far as eating and working out went. I'm stoaked about I'm off to my buns and bellies class then home to change to go to work...I will be taking my lunch and dinner with me because I close tonight so I don't get out until 9:30. boo.

Work is work and well I feel great...I hope the rest of you are having a great week so far as ladies have a wonderful Healthy day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weighing In...starting weight.

So there I have it...i'm back at my starting weight and I feel great! I know probably real hard for people to think how I can feel great about being back at my start...well I feel great because this is a new beginning! I am super happy about this weeks challenge as well because it co insides with my promises to my team... So today I am off to my buns and bellies class then back home for a quick change and then off to work...I have my lunch so no need for rushes.

Okay on a different note I wanted to ask my team if anyone of you have heard about the Acai berry supplement...or should I say diet pill? Anyway I ordered this pill and it's partner a colon cleanser...Don't get me wrong I am not usually a fan of diet pills in fact I hate them...In fact I've never tried them. I guess its due to my thyroid condition. I looked to see if there were any known side effects and so far none....But if you girls have heard of any negatives to this new fad...please let me know.

Of course I will let you all know of my journey on these pills...wish me luck!

Have a great Healthy day and Congratulations on your loses!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The ups and ups

So this week has not been my best week as far as blogging...I have been super busy with work. I have not gotten in too many workouts BUT this week will be different. I have signed my husband up for the gym so now we can go together when he is in town. Super excited about that. I have gained weight again so don't be shocked tomorrow if you see the number going up instead of down...

Today I ate a bagel for breakfast with some laughing cow cheese (light). For lunch a bratwurst w/out the bun and no condiments...with a grilled chicken salad with dried cherries, goat cheese, and walnuts on romaine lettuce...super yummy! (bought it at target). Any who I have a workout date with the hubby as soon as I get out of work which means no skipping out on workouts. Then when I get home I am going to make pasta (wheat; no yolks); with meat sauce (lean ground turkey) and sauce (low on sugar and sodium). I've made it before so...I can say its good...

Not happy about the weight gain but I am no longer going to focus on my negative thoughts..I need to think positive to get positive results. Oh and I also have to make an appointment with a doctor to check my thyroid levels because I think they may be off again..I've been feeling tired even after my eight hours of sleep...crazy I know...I have to take care of my condition...

A couple of promises that I am going to make to my Team:
1. Drink more water; I do not drink enough
2. Get in @ least 3 workouts starting today..this week
3. Blog @ least 4 days out of the new week; starting tomorrow.

Ok you all have a great day and oh..make it a healthy one!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Feel Great about yesterday

So yesterday I went to the gym and well I ate ok...but I didn't surpass my caloric if I keep it up I can keep losing weight. Today I have a busy day but I packed my gym tennis and gym clothes so that when I leave work I can go to the gym...well that's my plan anyway..Did not pack lunch today so...wish me luck on that. Some people from the same company as I will be in town and well you all know how that eat when you get the time to. I hope to get out early enough..then maybe if we get some things done I will take them to town for a night out...Anyway we'll see.

Changing the subject I'm going to do the survey for the challenge but I am not sure how I email it to Sheila...I guess I will figure it out..Ok you all have a great healthy day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looks like one good day two bad ones...

It really looks like I have a good day then two bad...of course this has a lot to do that when my hubby is home I want to be home with him. When he leaves again like today I will go work out, eat healthy, and feel good. So needless to say I'm back...well at least until by hubby is back...but I have a plan...I am going to sign my husband up at the we can spend time together and be healthy...we love bike riding but sometimes weather does not pemit. So how do you like my plan?

I feel totally big and I hate feeling this way..but I need to focus on being healthy and not how much weight i've gained...

About the challenge I am going to take part in the survey and I really like the idea of the party but I need to buy a dining table So I wish you all a healthy day!!

Off to the gym now...doing the buns and bellies class...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 4: Day 1

Today I woke up congested and feeling icky but I weighed in and I weigh 194.6 lbs...I've gained... .6 since the beginning of the challenge...I will say that I did a cycling class yesterday and today I will work out as well...I ate a wheat bagel for breakfast with egg and turkey ham...and one slice of cheese...for lunch well I don't know yet but I will make a healthy choice..I need to get back on track because when I started this challenge I lost 3 lbs and now look I gained .6 lbs...and all because I have not been making healthy choices for all three meals...So something I'm excited about tomorrow there is a 5k run at the university in town...I'm signing up and so is my hubby...yay! I can still run...I think but I sure will try besides I'm not there to win the thing just participate...

You all have a great healthy day and Congratulations on the weight loss!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dreading Weigh-In

So I haven't been completely good this week but I haven't been horrible either...The truth is that I haven't worked out at least six times a week and I definitely have not been eating healthy meals three times a fact I have had at least one bad meal a day...unfortunately it is my dinner meal...Ugh! No excuses...I know...I'm sure it will reflect on my weigh-in tomorrow because I weighed myself today and I am up to 196 lbs! I'm thinking what the hell is it going to take...what is wrong with me?? I like working out...I really do but I just don't know what the problem is. The worst thing is that I can see it in my clothes...the wieght gain I mean...eeew...not sexy to see my fat roll over my jeans...I really need to get a grip.

I definitely don't want to make promises but I am going to really try this week..starting today!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I realize that eating healthy is the only real way to lose weight in my case and exercising is well of course that too! Yesterday I ate a wheat bagel with peanut butter for breakfast along with a coffee...then for lunch I went with my girls Desi and Lisa to Arbys for a turkey sandwich with a diet peach tea...Then for dinner I killed my day with some wings from buffalo wild wings...I know I know after Zumba and all...

So today I had a cup fat free yogurt with half an apple, 20 grapes, and one whole banana..yummy...this with my coffee...for lunch a spinach and apple salad and wheat noodles with turkey ground meat and tomato sauce....

So wish me luck and make sure that you ladies have a wonderful HEALTHY day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Challenge @ Hand

I guess I was not understanding the challenge...but it is only for the weekend...well then I am still in the game..I am going to Zumba class @the Y then..come home and do some chores...yay! for me! SO have a great weekend and keep yourself healthy...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 3: Day 4

Hello Everyone!! I'm back from my short trip but long drive...I did not work out on Wed. or Thur. and I work today until I don't know what time so...I hope to have the energy and will power to work out today...I didn't make great choices while I was gone but I wasn't stuffing my face all day...Ok so today I packed my lunch and made myself some breakfast so...way better than eating out because that gets old...I'm invited to a party tonight so I will try not to make a fat ass out of myself...Wish me luck ladies and I hope to add mileage to the challenge of the week..

Have a great HEALTHY day you all!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3: Day 2

So yesterday I didn't work out but I wasn't a complete fat all in all I am back to 193 lbs...I know I have a long way to go!! But this week is going to be crazy...I have to travel due to company business and even though I am packing my tennis to run I can not be certain that I will do it...but I am going to try...I will not work out today either but I will try and make healthy choices..except for my coffee..starbucks...(a million calories I know) but I have it with soy milk and no froth or whip...I am eating my kashi cereal with one banana for I am still off to a good start.

Okay I want to say thank you to all of you for being sooooo supportive...I do not want to continue on this down hill so I will think positive and bring positive things into my life!! Again thanks!

You ladies have a great healthy day and I will try to post on Thursday night...wish me luck!

Oh yea and I think I am going to do this weeks challenge!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 3: Day 1 - Lesson Learned

Today was horrific...I weighed myself and I weighed in at 194.8 lbs...I really thought that it was going to be worse because I weighed myself last night and it was higher...I have been so bad for two days prior that I'm sure ladies even noticed I didn't post my food log...enough said. I wasn't completely inactive though but I guess the intake was way more than calories burned...Ok that's it...I refuse to weigh more than my first weigh in...this is crazy...I am getting back on track...enough of the talk and I will take action!

I feel so bad because instead of helping my team out I copped out to save them from my gain...won't happen again...I hope.

I still want to be a perfect weight of 160 lbs...I really really do!

Have a good healthy day you all!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2: Day 6

About this weekend well Sat. was good and so was Sun. Did I eat the healthiest? No but I didn't make a complete fat ass of myself. On Sat I worked out here at the apt. for 45 min. and I played a softball game with co-workers....and can I just say that was awesome!! So today after work I am going to do my muscle pump class and then I will come home and maybe go ride the bike with my hubby...yay!! For breakfast I ate a whole wheat bagel with one slice of cheese with turkey ham and 1 whole egg...Super know talking about eating I have converted my husband in with some of his eating choices...for example I eat ham in my bagelwich but he eats bacon...I took his pork bacon away..and replaced it with turkey bacon...and he likes it! So there you have it I've converted my hubby who is a junk food addicted...he also eats salads now too. But enough of him...going back to the challenge at hand...I'm not sure I lots anymore weight but I am going to wait until tomorrow to weigh myself...wish me luck...

Have a great healthy day you all!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week 2: Day 4

Let us begin by talking about yesterday....I did fairly well I think execpt for the fact that I didn't work out and I had breakfast for dinner at a place in town called homesteaders...super yummy by the way...But you will be happy to hear that today I worked out here at home and now I am watching my hubby to the same...yay for us...Now here's the question...what's for lunch?? Do not know yet...he wants wings which is completely out of the question and I'm not sure what I want....maybe a yummy salad? We have not gone grocery shopping's the next question...Where to eat a yummy salad at? Don't worry...I'm going to make a good decision...hopefully? Ok so there you have it...I am going to enjoy my weekend off work and try to make it a healthy weekend...oh yeah I worked out for 45 minutes so that counts for points...yay!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 2: Day 4: Drama with what I eat!

So I just had a conversation with my friend Lisa who is also in on the challenge. In fact she was on the previous challenge and lost 6 pant sizes...she went from a 12 to a six...This girl is buff too..she has awesome biceps and literally doesn't look her age. She's great! Someone posted a comment on Lisa's page about her not having any quirks with what she eats..She asked me about that and I told her well it basically falls on the fact that you no longer have to lose the weight...she just has to maintain her weight. She told me that "moderation is the key." Totally true I I looked at her tiny waist...

So here's the thing...these challenges DO WORK~~!! We just have to be disciplined...Do I have that that is why I do not buy chips at home or anything else that's crap...I do however fill my fridge with lots of fruit!

Today I did not pack lunch though...I'm super hungry and already I ate a piece of blueberry bread and two red vines....of course this was this morning...after my breakfast...And I made the terrible mistake of not bringing my water...AHHH!! Don't worry the only thing I can proudly say about all of this is that I do not like soda beverages...ewww..they make me bloated and they are soooo bad for you...even the diet stuff... So now I'm thirsty and hungry. I want to go work out after work but I didn't pack workout clothes and my husband gets in today..I hope he will want to go workout when I get I'm not sure if my blogs help anyone but it helps me get all this stuff off my chest...I want to be my perfect weight of 160 lbs and I need 30 lbs to go!

So I am just going to keep on going until I get all have a wonderful healthy day!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 2: Day 3

Today I do not have my total but it is not as much as yesterday considering I didn't go to the gym. I had it planned but I helped a friend out by watching her little girl for her while she worked. But I did keep my food healthy...except those two chicken nuggets...other than that I was good.
Today I am not feeling stomach keeps cramping...WTF! Anyway I'm still going to the gym prior to work for my buns and bellies class..I have my lunch and dinner packed...I'm wondering how my teammates are doing? I hope all is well with them. Ok so there you have it..I'm going to relax a little before my class then off to the gym...
Have a wonderful Healthy day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 2: Day 2

Well I did good yesterday I ate less than 1400 calories and it is posted so that you ladies can go in and see exactly what I ate...And this new challenge is super cool...As of yesterday I have 135 points...yay! Anyway my hubby isn't home...again...and I'm back to my routine...I will workout today for an hour after work.

I'm wondering though how some of you ladies are doing...really you can always leave me a comment if you need anything...if it is within my reach I will be happy to help. Anyway, another day at work then the gym...yay! Okay enough of the yays I know...I'm trying to psych myself I am happy to announce that I lost the other 1.4 lbs so I have officially lost 4 lbs even!

Ok so there it is my total for yesterday and my plan for the day...oh yeah, I didn't pack lunch today but I will buy something healthy I promise!

Have a wonderful healthy day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 2: Day 1 - Weighing in

Yesterday was an interesting day...I ate breakfast went bike riding with the hubby and when we got home we were really hungry and the turkey was still frozen. I know you are thinking that I should have put it a couple of minutes in a microwave...but no ladies I do not have a me we are working on it. So we ordered pizza. NOOOOOO you're thinking but it was thin crust and I didn't eat dinner. I know it was still a bad choice but I'm not going to make excuses or lie... Today I ate breakfast and in about an hour I have a class at the Y. I love the buns and bellies class so I know I will feel it later. I work all day and won't get home until late but I have already packed my lunch and dinner...I'm going to make healthy choices fact my choices have already been made because I won't have to go anywhere to buy lunch..I have it packed.

So there it is...I was bad yesterday and today I will be good....You all have a great healthy day! Oh and if you didn't see on the GAG website I lost 2.6 lbs...yay!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 1: Day 7

So today I went bike riding with the hubby and now I am going to eat lunch...but I don't know what yet? I'm going to be good...tonight we are having turkey burgers....wish me luck!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 1: Day 6

Hello ladies!! Well let me begin by saying that I didn't workout yesterday which makes it day two...AH! I know...I got home...made dinner...and then....well nothing. I kept my caloric intake below 1700...can't remember the exact number though. So today I really hope to fact I have it planned but who knows...hubby is home. Ok...I weighed myself this morning and I have lost two pounds! Not bad if I may say so myself...So there it is two days in a nut shell..tomorrow I will let you all know how I did today...Have a great healthy day!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Challenge 1: Staying away from temptation!!

So here's the go to a party or barbeque prepared mentally and or physically...Mentally? you ask : yes tell yourself that your postive thoughts are more powerful than you negative thoughts...don't let yourself eat something that you know you can't workout later...the possibility of you working out after a night out or afternoon out is slight to do not have more than you need...Physically you can eat prior to the event...a big salad would be good...very filling...this way you won't eat too much....This is something I would totally do before a Labor Day event.

Week 1: Day 5

Well girls night out was fun but not a success as far as caloric intake...I had a whopping 2000 calories yesterday...and trust me I held out my calories until the night because I knew that I was going to have dinner...and drinks. But I had I'm back and I know it will be a while until I go out again...I didn't work out yesterday either which didn't help but I will run today or maybe even bike... Don't worry team I'm still here and taking responsibility of my actions...I need to be more positive though...That's been super hard for me lately...I'm super homesick so it doesn't help the situation...

I'm totally hanging in there ladies...working out keeps my head on the challenge and not at have a great healthy day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 1: Day 4

GOODMORNING! I am officially a Team Dancer memeber! and even though the name represents a riendeer I'm glad we are this team because I loveeee dancing. So back to the nitty gritty...yesterday was a good day I ate healthy all day except one oatmeal chocolate chip cookie but don't worry I entered it into my daily log of food. Turns out I was still at about 1200 calories..yay! I can't remember if I told you all this yesterday but I am SORE! Anyway the class I did yesterday kicked my butt as expected...I love that never leave there thinking did I give it my all? You will leave sweaty, tired, and muscles trembling...all good

So what's in store for today? I will go to work eat my salad for lunch and then....wait for it....go out with the girls from work. I'm a bit apprehensive about this considering I am trying to be extra healthy...but I have decided that I need my social life to continue here in the town too...I will promise my team that I will be as good as how many drinks is too many? I'm nervous about this night out...can you tell? I want to be a fun experience not one where I am counting every single thing that goes in my mouth so that I can enter it into my daily log of food....Ok so you all are probably thinking what about working out? Well, I am taking today instead of tomorrow so...there you have it...what do you think?

Wish me luck?! Can you be healthy and still have a girls night?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 1: Day 3

So here we are day three and I don't officially know who my teammates are but can I say I feel like all of you are my my team. Last night I was like should I go to the gym then come back home then go to work or should I pack my things go to the gym then go straight to work...then the excuses came creepin' don't have enough gas to go, come, then go again; you haven't shaved and the hubby is coming home...I can't shave at the gym...

I woke up this morning and said get in the shower shave...wash your hair...go to the gym then go to excuses. So there I still save gas and get my workout in. YAY!

I am going to the Buns and Bellies class...I llllloovvveee this class it makes your bootie burn and your abs wish they didn't have to much stuff on them. hehe. So I'm eating breakfast then taking all have a healthy day and remember NO EXCUSES!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I know I know I ate those three tortillas this morning but really 1600 calories with the rest of my meals for the day. I ate a chicken breast with wild rice for dinner.... AH! Ok so I guess I maybe stressing way too much... I have my lunch packed for tomorrow and I am going to feel better tomorrow as well. Right? I think its because today was my day off and after I got back from my friend Desi's house all I've been doing is laundry and cleaning the apt. and did I mention watching TV...Top Chef.. Not my regular get up, make lunch, breakfast, and pack my things for the gym. Tomorrow I am heading to the gym before work so I have to wake up early and then pack my already made lunch...and maybe a salad for dinner. yeah...I think I will feel better tomorrow about my calorie intake.

I feel like a total FatAss what is wrong with me?!

Week 1: Day 2

So yesterday,....I did well with my meals and kept it under 1500 calories! YAY! I went to the gym with Lisa we did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine then did a weight class for an hour called Muscle Pump. Super fun! I came home and was supppperrr tired...slept like a baby.

Today I woke up early sore and all....and went to base to meet with Lisa and another friend Desiree to run. Can I just say "way to go LISA!" We ran 3.12 miles in 37 minutes. Mind you Lisa is no runner but guess what she is I can't say I wasn't dying right along with her though. After the run I chilled with my friend Desi and she made me home made flour tortillas with potato and egg. Don't worry people I added this meal to my daily log. I ate three and I don't feel one ounce of guilt. They weren't that big to begin with. Yummy though. For the rest of the day though I will be extra good. For lunch a fruit salad...and Dinner maybe a chicken breast with a salad. I hope everyone is hanging in there...and I also hope I'm not the only one sore as hell. So day two and we are doing A-okay!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 1: Day 1

So here it is the beginning...finally! I'm soooo stoaked! So yesterday I did cardio at the gym for an hour...super proud of myself considering I was hurting on the treadmill. But when I got home I felt so good about myself....oh and an added plus...I slept like a baby! Health wise (meaning food) I ate well yesterday...a healthy 1200 calories. yay for me and all good stuff!

This morning I got up and prepared my lunch and dinner since I am hitting the gym after work and I won't be getting home until well after 8 p.m. Salad for lunch and guess what?! Salad for dinner. You know people have this preconceived notion that salads are diet food but they are soooo not. I can't eat salad all the time...I just change the protein which accompanies it. You can also change the type of lettuce and veggies! Oh and another thing...I packed dried fruit..grapes...and a cheese stick!

OMG I just realized I'm sooo ready for this challenge! lol So here I go on my way to hottie Mchottie! And away from Fatty McFat Fat!

Here we goooooo! I can't wait to find out who my team mates are...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body Shots!

So there I've posted my body shots after reading and seeing the body shots of a fellow challenger....I figured just get it out of the way. I told my husband OK this is it...take the pictures....he was like okay lets do it! Funny how men think that it's no big deal...

But you know what? I figure that everyday that I visit my blog page to add a post I will see my pics and use that as encouragement to fix what I don't like...This is it fellow challengers we will begin our journey in a couple days!!

So this weekend has been a total pig fest for me....kind of like my "last meal." You know I've gone through this before where your body goes through a detox of all the crap we put in it. I love the feeling of seeing "crap" food and saying wow I so can't believe I use to eat that. The first week is hard then it the second is so-so...and the third I'm free!! If I can restrain myself from eating crappy food for three weeks I'm so going to be proud of myself....can't wait for week three!

In a total funk! :(

So yesterday was not a complete disaster as far as my eating goes...and it was a fun day too! But today I am soooo homesick!! I can't wait for this challenge to start so that my brain is preoccupied with working out and being healthy. That will beat being home and thinking of my family back in Texas. I made banana pancakes...and I ate two... Not bad huh? Anyway last night I went out with my husband and his friends and it was nice...we did a double date dinner and then we went dancing with some other friends including the couple we had dinner with. So when we left the bar I had a major brain fart and said something totally politically incorrect! The bad thing is that it wasn't said in a bad way at all. But that is no excuse for saying the word I said...I swear I totally forgot about my surroundings...oops...I feel bad but I swear it wasn't meant the way it usually is meant. SO I'm moving on. I'm about to measure myself and weigh myself too...eeew...Sacrifices must be made to reach your goals sometimes...wait a lot of the time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This weekend?!

Hello...yesterday was an okay day I ate a salad for dinner but I did go off the ramp the rest of the day....excuses are like..."belly buttons everyone has one" so I'm not going to make any. I'm ready for the weigh in and I know that when I see my pic I'm going to trip out...but all for the good cause of being a healthier me. I'm hanging with my husband this entire weekend which is nice but I know him and well need I say more? I will try to not give in though. Lisa was great yesterday! She's doing so well...congrats ma! Ok so I will keep you posted...wish me luck!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I re-read the challenge rules...

So today I fell off the wagon and I went back to Sheila's blog and re-read the rules...I really need to commit and this time I read the rules aloud to my husband so that he knows what I am going to be doing for the next 16 weeks! He said that he was going to support me and be healthier too so that I'm not tempted. My husband is in the military and leaves for three days and comes home for three or four. That means that when he is home I like to cook and I love to spend time with him. The good thing is that we both like to workout. In all actuality my husband can lose a few pounds himself....He says he wants to do this with me but doesn't want to blog or email or I'm going to support him in that decision. I want to get to my perfect weight of 160 pounds....In fact let me rephrase that..."I AM GOING TO BE 160 POUNDS AT THE END OF THIS CHALLENGE!" So there it is...I was a complete fat ass today but I am back on track! I ate almost 3000 calories today!! Total eye-opener! I refuse to live an unhealthy life I love eating yes but I do not love it more than I love myself.

Yesturday...tired and hungry...or was I?

So I woke up yesterday and I ran one mile but it took me forever 16:16 I walked back home after running one mile...I'm trying not to be hard on myself but I was running a 9 min mile and now ITS 16! Okay getting a grip I do live in a different part of the country now and its super hilly where I live. I am still excited about this challenge and I have a confession to make..I ate 1 jalapeno cheeto. Just one ask Lisa. She said I had to admit it on my blog page. So there Lisa, you happy? I took it a little over 1,300 calories yesterday. Anyway today I plan to do something fun with my hubby maybe we will go bike riding... How are you ladies doing? I hope all is well and you guys are being honest with yourselves. Please stay focused and make plans to workout with a friend or even you loved ones. I made plans to workout with Lisa next week...yay super excited about that. So have a wonderful day and be healthy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exactly one week away!

Since the challenge is one week from beginning I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the commitment that I have to make. I do not like starting something and not finishing it so I need to make sure that I've already made the commitment mentally. Today I went to work and had it on my fancy calender/planner to go to the gym afterwards and do a weight class. Turns out I lifted about 100 TV so there went that. I didn't go to the gym and I feel guilty but I am physically tired. I think the two and a half hours I spent carrying and lifting TVs counted as a work out. Don't you? Anyway also turns out I have to go into work earlier than expected so I am going to run in the morning...I have set my alarm and I AM GOING! I really want to be stronger and healthier...and I also realize it is going to take more than just words as well. But on the bright side my husband comes home tomorrow and he will find the apt. clean and he will also see there is no laundry to be done. If I haven't mentioned this before my husband has a bit of OCD and well I know he won't rest unless the house is clean. So it's clean...yay! I really hope that you all are as excited about this challenge as I am...Oh and I get to see my friend Lisa who is also doing this partner in crime..

So Goodnight people and hope to hear from you...let me know that you are out


Okay so lets talk about yesturday. I had a healthy day and I went to spinning class after work. I was an okay class...I don't know I expected to be more tired. I did not eat junk food yesturday unless you count my dinner which was homemade popcorn and no I don't mean microwavable popcorn. I mean the one made in the pot. I wieghed myself at the gym and I wieghed in at 197! WTF! Okay get a grip...stop focusing on what you are but on what you want to be...yes "my perfect wieght is 160 lbs!" You know what doesn't help this whole thing sometimes is that my workout buddy is not here in ND but Texas! I miss buddy...we kicked eachothers' asses in the gym, pool, and outside running and riding the bike. But I am going to overcome my home-sickness and check myself! YES...I am. Another thing that I noticed yesterday was that after I ate lunch I was hungry like two hours I will be in a while because I ate my breakfast right now...I do realize I'm suppose to eat every two hours but lets be realistic...most of us work and can't be eating all day...or we can but we have to hide out in our offices or hang in the break room which won't look good when our bosses start noticing we are constantly in solution for lots of fruit like apples, bananas, oranges and make that your snack. Nuts likes almonds and peanuts can also be good...remember not the entire bag just about a tablespoon or two. Ok so here we go another day at the office...good luck everyone on your embarkment towards healthy living!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok so today is the jump start to my GAG 2009 challenge...yes I know it doesn't begin until Sept.1st but that's why I said jump start. Anyway...goal for the junk food @ work or home! Wish me luck. Yesturday I ate like 7 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...yes 7! So have a wonderful Healthy Day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So the day before day 1...

So today I spoke to a co-worker about this GAG 2009 and I said what hell I can do this...really if you don't know about this check it has rules and guidelines...I've never done this (blogging) before and I've put myself through physical goals before. In fact I recently moved 2000 miles aways from my hometown to be with my husband and before I moved I reached one of my goals in life which was to do a triathlon. down it was a I will hopefully be to reach my perfect goal of 160 pounds... Can I do this? YES I CAN...I have to say that because I need to be more positive... Along with begininng this blog and this challenge I am also listening to the "secret". If you haven't heard of this look it up...I swear you feel the difference instantly. So what I am here for? So I can share my ups and downs on this journey to my perfect wieght.