Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body Shots!

So there I've posted my body shots after reading and seeing the body shots of a fellow challenger....I figured just get it out of the way. I told my husband OK this is it...take the pictures....he was like okay lets do it! Funny how men think that it's no big deal...

But you know what? I figure that everyday that I visit my blog page to add a post I will see my pics and use that as encouragement to fix what I don't like...This is it fellow challengers we will begin our journey in a couple days!!

So this weekend has been a total pig fest for me....kind of like my "last meal." You know I've gone through this before where your body goes through a detox of all the crap we put in it. I love the feeling of seeing "crap" food and saying wow I so can't believe I use to eat that. The first week is hard then it the second is so-so...and the third I'm free!! If I can restrain myself from eating crappy food for three weeks I'm so going to be proud of myself....can't wait for week three!

In a total funk! :(

So yesterday was not a complete disaster as far as my eating goes...and it was a fun day too! But today I am soooo homesick!! I can't wait for this challenge to start so that my brain is preoccupied with working out and being healthy. That will beat being home and thinking of my family back in Texas. I made banana pancakes...and I ate two... Not bad huh? Anyway last night I went out with my husband and his friends and it was nice...we did a double date dinner and then we went dancing with some other friends including the couple we had dinner with. So when we left the bar I had a major brain fart and said something totally politically incorrect! The bad thing is that it wasn't said in a bad way at all. But that is no excuse for saying the word I said...I swear I totally forgot about my surroundings...oops...I feel bad but I swear it wasn't meant the way it usually is meant. SO I'm moving on. I'm about to measure myself and weigh myself too...eeew...Sacrifices must be made to reach your goals sometimes...wait a lot of the time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This weekend?!

Hello...yesterday was an okay day I ate a salad for dinner but I did go off the ramp the rest of the day....excuses are like..."belly buttons everyone has one" so I'm not going to make any. I'm ready for the weigh in and I know that when I see my pic I'm going to trip out...but all for the good cause of being a healthier me. I'm hanging with my husband this entire weekend which is nice but I know him and well need I say more? I will try to not give in though. Lisa was great yesterday! She's doing so well...congrats ma! Ok so I will keep you posted...wish me luck!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I re-read the challenge rules...

So today I fell off the wagon and I went back to Sheila's blog and re-read the rules...I really need to commit and this time I read the rules aloud to my husband so that he knows what I am going to be doing for the next 16 weeks! He said that he was going to support me and be healthier too so that I'm not tempted. My husband is in the military and leaves for three days and comes home for three or four. That means that when he is home I like to cook and I love to spend time with him. The good thing is that we both like to workout. In all actuality my husband can lose a few pounds himself....He says he wants to do this with me but doesn't want to blog or email or I'm going to support him in that decision. I want to get to my perfect weight of 160 pounds....In fact let me rephrase that..."I AM GOING TO BE 160 POUNDS AT THE END OF THIS CHALLENGE!" So there it is...I was a complete fat ass today but I am back on track! I ate almost 3000 calories today!! Total eye-opener! I refuse to live an unhealthy life I love eating yes but I do not love it more than I love myself.

Yesturday...tired and hungry...or was I?

So I woke up yesterday and I ran one mile but it took me forever 16:16 I walked back home after running one mile...I'm trying not to be hard on myself but I was running a 9 min mile and now ITS 16! Okay getting a grip I do live in a different part of the country now and its super hilly where I live. I am still excited about this challenge and I have a confession to make..I ate 1 jalapeno cheeto. Just one ask Lisa. She said I had to admit it on my blog page. So there Lisa, you happy? I took it a little over 1,300 calories yesterday. Anyway today I plan to do something fun with my hubby maybe we will go bike riding... How are you ladies doing? I hope all is well and you guys are being honest with yourselves. Please stay focused and make plans to workout with a friend or even you loved ones. I made plans to workout with Lisa next week...yay super excited about that. So have a wonderful day and be healthy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exactly one week away!

Since the challenge is one week from beginning I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the commitment that I have to make. I do not like starting something and not finishing it so I need to make sure that I've already made the commitment mentally. Today I went to work and had it on my fancy calender/planner to go to the gym afterwards and do a weight class. Turns out I lifted about 100 TV so there went that. I didn't go to the gym and I feel guilty but I am physically tired. I think the two and a half hours I spent carrying and lifting TVs counted as a work out. Don't you? Anyway also turns out I have to go into work earlier than expected so I am going to run in the morning...I have set my alarm and I AM GOING! I really want to be stronger and healthier...and I also realize it is going to take more than just words as well. But on the bright side my husband comes home tomorrow and he will find the apt. clean and he will also see there is no laundry to be done. If I haven't mentioned this before my husband has a bit of OCD and well I know he won't rest unless the house is clean. So it's clean...yay! I really hope that you all are as excited about this challenge as I am...Oh and I get to see my friend Lisa who is also doing this partner in crime..

So Goodnight people and hope to hear from you...let me know that you are out


Okay so lets talk about yesturday. I had a healthy day and I went to spinning class after work. I was an okay class...I don't know I expected to be more tired. I did not eat junk food yesturday unless you count my dinner which was homemade popcorn and no I don't mean microwavable popcorn. I mean the one made in the pot. I wieghed myself at the gym and I wieghed in at 197! WTF! Okay get a grip...stop focusing on what you are but on what you want to be...yes "my perfect wieght is 160 lbs!" You know what doesn't help this whole thing sometimes is that my workout buddy is not here in ND but Texas! I miss buddy...we kicked eachothers' asses in the gym, pool, and outside running and riding the bike. But I am going to overcome my home-sickness and check myself! YES...I am. Another thing that I noticed yesterday was that after I ate lunch I was hungry like two hours I will be in a while because I ate my breakfast right now...I do realize I'm suppose to eat every two hours but lets be realistic...most of us work and can't be eating all day...or we can but we have to hide out in our offices or hang in the break room which won't look good when our bosses start noticing we are constantly in solution for lots of fruit like apples, bananas, oranges and make that your snack. Nuts likes almonds and peanuts can also be good...remember not the entire bag just about a tablespoon or two. Ok so here we go another day at the office...good luck everyone on your embarkment towards healthy living!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok so today is the jump start to my GAG 2009 challenge...yes I know it doesn't begin until Sept.1st but that's why I said jump start. Anyway...goal for the junk food @ work or home! Wish me luck. Yesturday I ate like 7 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...yes 7! So have a wonderful Healthy Day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So the day before day 1...

So today I spoke to a co-worker about this GAG 2009 and I said what hell I can do this...really if you don't know about this check it has rules and guidelines...I've never done this (blogging) before and I've put myself through physical goals before. In fact I recently moved 2000 miles aways from my hometown to be with my husband and before I moved I reached one of my goals in life which was to do a triathlon. down it was a I will hopefully be to reach my perfect goal of 160 pounds... Can I do this? YES I CAN...I have to say that because I need to be more positive... Along with begininng this blog and this challenge I am also listening to the "secret". If you haven't heard of this look it up...I swear you feel the difference instantly. So what I am here for? So I can share my ups and downs on this journey to my perfect wieght.