Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body Shots!

So there I've posted my body shots after reading and seeing the body shots of a fellow challenger....I figured just get it out of the way. I told my husband OK this is it...take the pictures....he was like okay lets do it! Funny how men think that it's no big deal...

But you know what? I figure that everyday that I visit my blog page to add a post I will see my pics and use that as encouragement to fix what I don't like...This is it fellow challengers we will begin our journey in a couple days!!

So this weekend has been a total pig fest for me....kind of like my "last meal." You know I've gone through this before where your body goes through a detox of all the crap we put in it. I love the feeling of seeing "crap" food and saying wow I so can't believe I use to eat that. The first week is hard then it the second is so-so...and the third I'm free!! If I can restrain myself from eating crappy food for three weeks I'm so going to be proud of myself....can't wait for week three!


  1. It's liberating to toss those pictures up with an "It is what it is ... and I love my body!" attitude.

    Look forward to starting the challenge with you tomorrow! =)

  2. Hi..
    Looking forward to starting the challenge..

    I am new to blogging can you offer some advise to add the pics and scale shots, I am trying to get it done this evening, but it doesn't appear to be working correctly..

    Happy Challenge!!

  3. We spent our weekend doing the same thing! You will be at week three before you even know it! have a great day!