Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exactly one week away!

Since the challenge is one week from beginning I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the commitment that I have to make. I do not like starting something and not finishing it so I need to make sure that I've already made the commitment mentally. Today I went to work and had it on my fancy calender/planner to go to the gym afterwards and do a weight class. Turns out I lifted about 100 TV so there went that. I didn't go to the gym and I feel guilty but I am physically tired. I think the two and a half hours I spent carrying and lifting TVs counted as a work out. Don't you? Anyway also turns out I have to go into work earlier than expected so I am going to run in the morning...I have set my alarm and I AM GOING! I really want to be stronger and healthier...and I also realize it is going to take more than just words as well. But on the bright side my husband comes home tomorrow and he will find the apt. clean and he will also see there is no laundry to be done. If I haven't mentioned this before my husband has a bit of OCD and well I know he won't rest unless the house is clean. So it's clean...yay! I really hope that you all are as excited about this challenge as I am...Oh and I get to see my friend Lisa who is also doing this challenge...my partner in crime..

So Goodnight people and hope to hear from you...let me know that you are out there...lol

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  1. Yeppers! You get to see my smiling face this afternoon when we are at work together...

    Great job on getting a run in today! I slept too late. Went to bed with a splitting headache so needed to sleep...

    Drew and I are heading up to Jr's for lunch... I'll stick with the Buffalo Chicken Salad! Man I love that thing... :)

    See ya at work!