Sunday, August 30, 2009

In a total funk! :(

So yesterday was not a complete disaster as far as my eating goes...and it was a fun day too! But today I am soooo homesick!! I can't wait for this challenge to start so that my brain is preoccupied with working out and being healthy. That will beat being home and thinking of my family back in Texas. I made banana pancakes...and I ate two... Not bad huh? Anyway last night I went out with my husband and his friends and it was nice...we did a double date dinner and then we went dancing with some other friends including the couple we had dinner with. So when we left the bar I had a major brain fart and said something totally politically incorrect! The bad thing is that it wasn't said in a bad way at all. But that is no excuse for saying the word I said...I swear I totally forgot about my surroundings...oops...I feel bad but I swear it wasn't meant the way it usually is meant. SO I'm moving on. I'm about to measure myself and weigh myself too...eeew...Sacrifices must be made to reach your goals sometimes...wait a lot of the time.


  1. Well look on the bright side...dancing was good exercise! Hopefully the comment will be overlooked and soon forgotten.

  2. Hey Alina.... I agree with Kate... dancing was a great form of exercise... and banana pancakes. They sound yummy. Do not think I have ever had those...

    I'm off tomorrow... :) Wanted to get my lunches for the challenge (to take to work so I am not so tempted by Arby's) made up tomorrow...but remembered the commissary is not open...bummer. Guess it will wait until Friday...

    I'm looking forward to working out with you Tuesday after work... See ya!