Sunday, August 23, 2009

So the day before day 1...

So today I spoke to a co-worker about this GAG 2009 and I said what hell I can do this...really if you don't know about this check it has rules and guidelines...I've never done this (blogging) before and I've put myself through physical goals before. In fact I recently moved 2000 miles aways from my hometown to be with my husband and before I moved I reached one of my goals in life which was to do a triathlon. down it was a I will hopefully be to reach my perfect goal of 160 pounds... Can I do this? YES I CAN...I have to say that because I need to be more positive... Along with begininng this blog and this challenge I am also listening to the "secret". If you haven't heard of this look it up...I swear you feel the difference instantly. So what I am here for? So I can share my ups and downs on this journey to my perfect wieght.


  1. Hey Alina! Good to see you here! Welcome to the group... now you can scroll back through my blog archives and see my before and after pics... I'm probably close to the before pics though again...but together, we'll kick our butts into gear and reach our goals!