Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesturday...tired and hungry...or was I?

So I woke up yesterday and I ran one mile but it took me forever 16:16 I walked back home after running one mile...I'm trying not to be hard on myself but I was running a 9 min mile and now ITS 16! Okay getting a grip I do live in a different part of the country now and its super hilly where I live. I am still excited about this challenge and I have a confession to make..I ate 1 jalapeno cheeto. Just one ask Lisa. She said I had to admit it on my blog page. So there Lisa, you happy? I took it a little over 1,300 calories yesterday. Anyway today I plan to do something fun with my hubby maybe we will go bike riding... How are you ladies doing? I hope all is well and you guys are being honest with yourselves. Please stay focused and make plans to workout with a friend or even you loved ones. I made plans to workout with Lisa next week...yay super excited about that. So have a wonderful day and be healthy.


  1. Hills are GREAT for runs! I wish I didn't live in the flatlands! Our hills are highway over passes!

  2. Yep, it was JUST ONE! And I made sure she felt guilty about eating that ONE Jalapeno Cheeto...LOL. BUT, today she made me feel guilty about my Mozzarella Cheese Sticks from Arby's... LOL... This challenge is going to be great having someone here to help me along!

  3. Ok here's my I was not good...but I'm not whining....promise! I ate candy, a bratwurst with cheese, and fries...for dessert I killed it...A blizzard...So today was kinda of my last meal...I even told my husband starting next week...Healthy lives! So there is my confession...I know it's a dissapointment; but tomorrow back on track.