Friday, September 25, 2009

Feel Great about yesterday

So yesterday I went to the gym and well I ate ok...but I didn't surpass my caloric if I keep it up I can keep losing weight. Today I have a busy day but I packed my gym tennis and gym clothes so that when I leave work I can go to the gym...well that's my plan anyway..Did not pack lunch today so...wish me luck on that. Some people from the same company as I will be in town and well you all know how that eat when you get the time to. I hope to get out early enough..then maybe if we get some things done I will take them to town for a night out...Anyway we'll see.

Changing the subject I'm going to do the survey for the challenge but I am not sure how I email it to Sheila...I guess I will figure it out..Ok you all have a great healthy day!


  1. Alina, she posted a link to her email in the challenge post... or she has it spelled out on the side of the blog page! I'm going to do it too...

  2. Hey Alina, I noticed something today when I saw you at work... why do we both seem a bit down and depressed the last week or so????? We BOTH need to snap out of whatever is bothering us...LOL.

    Drew's wanting to go out to dinner tonight, so I won't be able to make it up to the Y when you get out of work... What time do you work tomorrow? I work 12-8:30 tomorrow...

    HAHAHAHA... the word verification they just told me to write was "refakup" how funny is that!

  3. Hope you have a great and healthy weekend! Go team Dancer!