Monday, September 28, 2009

The ups and ups

So this week has not been my best week as far as blogging...I have been super busy with work. I have not gotten in too many workouts BUT this week will be different. I have signed my husband up for the gym so now we can go together when he is in town. Super excited about that. I have gained weight again so don't be shocked tomorrow if you see the number going up instead of down...

Today I ate a bagel for breakfast with some laughing cow cheese (light). For lunch a bratwurst w/out the bun and no condiments...with a grilled chicken salad with dried cherries, goat cheese, and walnuts on romaine lettuce...super yummy! (bought it at target). Any who I have a workout date with the hubby as soon as I get out of work which means no skipping out on workouts. Then when I get home I am going to make pasta (wheat; no yolks); with meat sauce (lean ground turkey) and sauce (low on sugar and sodium). I've made it before so...I can say its good...

Not happy about the weight gain but I am no longer going to focus on my negative thoughts..I need to think positive to get positive results. Oh and I also have to make an appointment with a doctor to check my thyroid levels because I think they may be off again..I've been feeling tired even after my eight hours of sleep...crazy I know...I have to take care of my condition...

A couple of promises that I am going to make to my Team:
1. Drink more water; I do not drink enough
2. Get in @ least 3 workouts starting today..this week
3. Blog @ least 4 days out of the new week; starting tomorrow.

Ok you all have a great day and oh..make it a healthy one!


  1. Here's to a good week! The workout dates should be a good buddy-system motivator!

  2. Sorry you had a bad week! I'm sure that with your goals and having the husband to work out with, this week will be better! Who cares what the scale says. Its all about getting healthy and feeling better. Eventually the weight will get with the program!

  3. Great Goals! Hope you have a great week!!