Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 1: Day 3

So here we are day three and I don't officially know who my teammates are but can I say I feel like all of you are my my team. Last night I was like should I go to the gym then come back home then go to work or should I pack my things go to the gym then go straight to work...then the excuses came creepin' don't have enough gas to go, come, then go again; you haven't shaved and the hubby is coming home...I can't shave at the gym...

I woke up this morning and said get in the shower shave...wash your hair...go to the gym then go to excuses. So there I still save gas and get my workout in. YAY!

I am going to the Buns and Bellies class...I llllloovvveee this class it makes your bootie burn and your abs wish they didn't have to much stuff on them. hehe. So I'm eating breakfast then taking all have a healthy day and remember NO EXCUSES!


  1. no excuses is right! i know that whenever i am giving myself a ton of excuses, i always try to think of how great i will feel after a workout and i almost always end up doing the right thing. congrats on beating the excuses! btw, i love all your classes names! buns and bellies reminds me of an 80 workout tape. love it!

  2. I hear ya! I actually went to the gym last night thinking of all you GAG people! =) It felt so GOOD too!! YEAH!! Keep it up and NO EXCUSES!!

  3. Good for you! Those excuses can be so easy to listen to.

  4. I'm on your team - go Team Dancer!

    Good job with your NO EXCUSES motto. In fact, that encourages me. I was just trying to figure out how to make dinner, get things in order to go out of town, PLUS get to the pool to workout tonight...and thinking I'd just skip the pool. But now, that's not an option. Thanks!

    See, this team thing is working well already.

  5. I thought I posted a comment this morning when I read that you took the no excuses approach and worked out anyway! But I guess it didn't go through.. hmm... my computer is old.

    Anyway, now I'm back because we'll both a part of Team Dancer in the GAG challenge! Go Team Dancer!

  6. Yeah Alina! Way to push through the excuses and get the workout in. I'm going to do my best to get some in today... Drew is off all weekend and we are going to head up to check out a spot he has been given permission to hunt... spend the day together...then guess what??? I'll be seeing you tonight!