Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 1: Day 4

GOODMORNING! I am officially a Team Dancer memeber! and even though the name represents a riendeer I'm glad we are this team because I loveeee dancing. So back to the nitty gritty...yesterday was a good day I ate healthy all day except one oatmeal chocolate chip cookie but don't worry I entered it into my daily log of food. Turns out I was still at about 1200 calories..yay! I can't remember if I told you all this yesterday but I am SORE! Anyway the class I did yesterday kicked my butt as expected...I love that never leave there thinking did I give it my all? You will leave sweaty, tired, and muscles trembling...all good

So what's in store for today? I will go to work eat my salad for lunch and then....wait for it....go out with the girls from work. I'm a bit apprehensive about this considering I am trying to be extra healthy...but I have decided that I need my social life to continue here in the town too...I will promise my team that I will be as good as how many drinks is too many? I'm nervous about this night out...can you tell? I want to be a fun experience not one where I am counting every single thing that goes in my mouth so that I can enter it into my daily log of food....Ok so you all are probably thinking what about working out? Well, I am taking today instead of tomorrow so...there you have it...what do you think?

Wish me luck?! Can you be healthy and still have a girls night?


  1. Good LUCK! You can be healthy and still have a girls night!

    As for drinks - steer clear of fruity/sugary ones. Go with wine or something like diet coke and rum, or captain morgan or something. Alternating alcoholic drinks and water is a good suggestion, but I've never put it totally into practice. I have alternated diet coke and rum with diet coke without rum. That works well for me.

    For me, its never the drinking/alcohol, its the next day when I don't feel that good, so I just want to eat lots of carb-y sugary things. So, watch out for that. ;)

  2. You did better than me... I had TWO of Rose's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. I too counted them as my snack for the most part...and being my breakfast was low on the calorie side, the cookies basically made up for that. I know, not an excuse...but how it happened.

  3. Have fun on your girls night out! =)

  4. Alina, thanks for inviting me out with the girls tonight. I actually had a GREAT time...and can't wait to go out with you all again. See you tomorrow at work...