Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 1: Day 5

Well girls night out was fun but not a success as far as caloric intake...I had a whopping 2000 calories yesterday...and trust me I held out my calories until the night because I knew that I was going to have dinner...and drinks. But I had I'm back and I know it will be a while until I go out again...I didn't work out yesterday either which didn't help but I will run today or maybe even bike... Don't worry team I'm still here and taking responsibility of my actions...I need to be more positive though...That's been super hard for me lately...I'm super homesick so it doesn't help the situation...

I'm totally hanging in there ladies...working out keeps my head on the challenge and not at have a great healthy day!


  1. I recently moved back to MS after a 3 year stay in MA. I know about being homesick ... it's terrible! And it really takes it's toll.

    "Hanging in there!" is a good thing. You have a healthy day as well! =)

  2. Alina, your doing awesome! Don't give up... I know you won't! Just like you won't let me give up either! I need to find the gym list so we can coordinate our schedules and see when we can go to the Y together again. Can't wait til payday when I can join!

    Hey, you say I "look Mexican'... just think of me as your sister then maybe you won't be so homesick...LOL. But seriously, I know what you mean. I've been there. I always know it's time to make a visit home when I see customers at work that look like my family...Even though they don't really resemble them at all...LOL.