Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 2: Day 2

Well I did good yesterday I ate less than 1400 calories and it is posted so that you ladies can go in and see exactly what I ate...And this new challenge is super cool...As of yesterday I have 135 points...yay! Anyway my hubby isn't home...again...and I'm back to my routine...I will workout today for an hour after work.

I'm wondering though how some of you ladies are doing...really you can always leave me a comment if you need anything...if it is within my reach I will be happy to help. Anyway, another day at work then the gym...yay! Okay enough of the yays I know...I'm trying to psych myself I am happy to announce that I lost the other 1.4 lbs so I have officially lost 4 lbs even!

Ok so there it is my total for yesterday and my plan for the day...oh yeah, I didn't pack lunch today but I will buy something healthy I promise!

Have a wonderful healthy day!

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  1. Woo hooo for the job well done! You are doing awesome! It really sucks that our schedules are being so different right now. I can't wait till we are fully staffed again and hopefully we will be back on a regular schedule...LOL