Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 2: Day 4: Drama with what I eat!

So I just had a conversation with my friend Lisa who is also in on the challenge. In fact she was on the previous challenge and lost 6 pant sizes...she went from a 12 to a six...This girl is buff too..she has awesome biceps and literally doesn't look her age. She's great! Someone posted a comment on Lisa's page about her not having any quirks with what she eats..She asked me about that and I told her well it basically falls on the fact that you no longer have to lose the weight...she just has to maintain her weight. She told me that "moderation is the key." Totally true I I looked at her tiny waist...

So here's the thing...these challenges DO WORK~~!! We just have to be disciplined...Do I have that that is why I do not buy chips at home or anything else that's crap...I do however fill my fridge with lots of fruit!

Today I did not pack lunch though...I'm super hungry and already I ate a piece of blueberry bread and two red vines....of course this was this morning...after my breakfast...And I made the terrible mistake of not bringing my water...AHHH!! Don't worry the only thing I can proudly say about all of this is that I do not like soda beverages...ewww..they make me bloated and they are soooo bad for you...even the diet stuff... So now I'm thirsty and hungry. I want to go work out after work but I didn't pack workout clothes and my husband gets in today..I hope he will want to go workout when I get I'm not sure if my blogs help anyone but it helps me get all this stuff off my chest...I want to be my perfect weight of 160 lbs and I need 30 lbs to go!

So I am just going to keep on going until I get all have a wonderful healthy day!!


  1. Glad you got it off of your chest! And some days are just - well - kinda crappy. Some days the food just doesn't happen, the gym clothes dont get packed, whatev. But as long as it's just one day, and not a day that leads to a week that leads to bad bad things, then it's okay. Good luck!

  2. That is all you can do! And if writing in this blog helps you get things off your chest so you don't sabotage your efforts, it's worth it! That's what I did! And it sure did help!!!

  3. moment by moment, day by day! That is how it happens. Bit by bit ~ little by little. You are getting there! What a great release to have a place to "dump" the stuff you dont' want to carry around. I consider my blog to be my "catch all". It used to be my coffee table and dining room table! LOL

  4. Thanks for the compliments Alina! You are doing awesome yourself... My weight loss wasn't on Sheila's last challenge though, it was when I was in FL and had joined Curves... but regardless, you are right...I did go from a VERY Tight size 12 jean to a 6 in just about 5 monhts. I've still been sitting here thinking about my post on how I keep the drama at bay about what I eat... so watch for a post... maybe I will work on it tonight...