Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week 2: Day 4

Let us begin by talking about yesterday....I did fairly well I think execpt for the fact that I didn't work out and I had breakfast for dinner at a place in town called homesteaders...super yummy by the way...But you will be happy to hear that today I worked out here at home and now I am watching my hubby to the same...yay for us...Now here's the question...what's for lunch?? Do not know yet...he wants wings which is completely out of the question and I'm not sure what I want....maybe a yummy salad? We have not gone grocery shopping's the next question...Where to eat a yummy salad at? Don't worry...I'm going to make a good decision...hopefully? Ok so there you have it...I am going to enjoy my weekend off work and try to make it a healthy weekend...oh yeah I worked out for 45 minutes so that counts for points...yay!

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  1. Sounds like a good start to your weekend! I've not yet worked out... I'm so tired today and I have no clue why... I had a salad at Behm's today for lunch before we headed to the Shooting Range... It was really good!