Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2: Day 6

About this weekend well Sat. was good and so was Sun. Did I eat the healthiest? No but I didn't make a complete fat ass of myself. On Sat I worked out here at the apt. for 45 min. and I played a softball game with co-workers....and can I just say that was awesome!! So today after work I am going to do my muscle pump class and then I will come home and maybe go ride the bike with my hubby...yay!! For breakfast I ate a whole wheat bagel with one slice of cheese with turkey ham and 1 whole egg...Super know talking about eating I have converted my husband in with some of his eating choices...for example I eat ham in my bagelwich but he eats bacon...I took his pork bacon away..and replaced it with turkey bacon...and he likes it! So there you have it I've converted my hubby who is a junk food addicted...he also eats salads now too. But enough of him...going back to the challenge at hand...I'm not sure I lots anymore weight but I am going to wait until tomorrow to weigh myself...wish me luck...

Have a great healthy day you all!

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