Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 3: Day 1 - Lesson Learned

Today was horrific...I weighed myself and I weighed in at 194.8 lbs...I really thought that it was going to be worse because I weighed myself last night and it was higher...I have been so bad for two days prior that I'm sure ladies even noticed I didn't post my food log...enough said. I wasn't completely inactive though but I guess the intake was way more than calories burned...Ok that's it...I refuse to weigh more than my first weigh in...this is crazy...I am getting back on track...enough of the talk and I will take action!

I feel so bad because instead of helping my team out I copped out to save them from my gain...won't happen again...I hope.

I still want to be a perfect weight of 160 lbs...I really really do!

Have a good healthy day you all!


  1. I bet you have a great weigh in next week. You CAN do it!!

  2. We'll get there Alina! We'll get there... hopefully I can make it to the gym this week and pay my membership to go with ya. We'll have to see though...Drew just bought me new washer/dryer set...suppose to be in today! Gotta see how the money goes... but I'm going to join!

  3. ((((huggs)))) This journey is literally the HARDEST one I've ever taken, so I know how you feel. You just pick up the pieces after a bad week/weigh in and move on. I'm SURE next week will be a great one!! KEEP TRYING!!!!!

  4. you will have a better week next week, promise! mandie is right, this is so tough but everything will get better. make your next choice be a healthy choice! and stop this letting the team down stuff, thats crazy talk! we will all have our down weeks. team dancer loves alina!