Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3: Day 2

So yesterday I didn't work out but I wasn't a complete fat all in all I am back to 193 lbs...I know I have a long way to go!! But this week is going to be crazy...I have to travel due to company business and even though I am packing my tennis to run I can not be certain that I will do it...but I am going to try...I will not work out today either but I will try and make healthy choices..except for my coffee..starbucks...(a million calories I know) but I have it with soy milk and no froth or whip...I am eating my kashi cereal with one banana for I am still off to a good start.

Okay I want to say thank you to all of you for being sooooo supportive...I do not want to continue on this down hill so I will think positive and bring positive things into my life!! Again thanks!

You ladies have a great healthy day and I will try to post on Thursday night...wish me luck!

Oh yea and I think I am going to do this weeks challenge!


  1. Hey fellow GAGer,

    Just checking out how you're doing... and you're doing great! And I really hope to see you for the challenge. Any little bit counts!

    Don't forget about our current 365-mile Challenge... please see my my current blog for official rules:

    Keep it up!

  2. Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend. I am going to do the challenge too. I've loved the increased exercise! Hope you get to , or got to, go running on your trip!

    Go team Dancer!!