Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 4: Day 1

Today I woke up congested and feeling icky but I weighed in and I weigh 194.6 lbs...I've gained... .6 since the beginning of the challenge...I will say that I did a cycling class yesterday and today I will work out as well...I ate a wheat bagel for breakfast with egg and turkey ham...and one slice of cheese...for lunch well I don't know yet but I will make a healthy choice..I need to get back on track because when I started this challenge I lost 3 lbs and now look I gained .6 lbs...and all because I have not been making healthy choices for all three meals...So something I'm excited about tomorrow there is a 5k run at the university in town...I'm signing up and so is my hubby...yay! I can still run...I think but I sure will try besides I'm not there to win the thing just participate...

You all have a great healthy day and Congratulations on the weight loss!


  1. I bet you lost but cycling can hold alot of water weight, give it another day or two! sounds like your doing great!

  2. Alina, maybe try whole wheat English Muffins for breakfast instead of the bagels... bagels are alot of calories. They actually suggest that when eating Bagels that you eat just half because they are much bigger than they used to be...

    You're doing great! I wish I could keep up on the cardio classes as you do... Someday!


  3. No fret on the gain, we ALL have been there. Now is the time for getting back on track and making the better choices, you can do it! You're doing GREAT - don't ever give up!