Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weighing In...starting weight.

So there I have it...i'm back at my starting weight and I feel great! I know probably real hard for people to think how I can feel great about being back at my start...well I feel great because this is a new beginning! I am super happy about this weeks challenge as well because it co insides with my promises to my team... So today I am off to my buns and bellies class then back home for a quick change and then off to work...I have my lunch so no need for rushes.

Okay on a different note I wanted to ask my team if anyone of you have heard about the Acai berry supplement...or should I say diet pill? Anyway I ordered this pill and it's partner a colon cleanser...Don't get me wrong I am not usually a fan of diet pills in fact I hate them...In fact I've never tried them. I guess its due to my thyroid condition. I looked to see if there were any known side effects and so far none....But if you girls have heard of any negatives to this new fad...please let me know.

Of course I will let you all know of my journey on these pills...wish me luck!

Have a great Healthy day and Congratulations on your loses!


  1. Yay! You are ready to start dropping!! Buns and bellies should get you off to a great start! Have a great week!!!

    I don't know anything about the acai berry stuff.

  2. Congrats on getting back to your starting weight! I am so proud of you and the fact that you haven't let the past few weeks get you down. This is your new beginning!

    I'm with Nancy, I dont know anything about the berry stuff.

  3. Woohoo to you!!! Glad you are ready for a brand new start and back at your starting weight! GO GIRL GO!!!

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about the pills...as long as you did research, and are prepared to continue with your healthy eating and exercising I think you will be okay. Please keep us posted on the progress with them though :)

  4. Alina, glad to see that you are back to your starting weight... I knew you would make it back there and get the ball rolling again. I've got total faith in your motivation!

    I'm not sure about the berry supplements. I've heard good things about it..but that has been from the advertisers. Not heard of anyone actually using them. Though, my Curves owner's daughter in FL sells a drink made from it and swears by it!

    See ya at work!

  5. Here's to a new start! Like the others, I don't know much about the acai stuff, other than what is touted by those who are trying to sell it. The party line from the nutritionists on the South Beach Diet website is that it would be healthier to just eat the whole food (the berries themselves) rather than in juice or pill form.

  6. Congrats on making it back to your starting weight. And great job on not letting the last few weeks get to you. I'm really struggling with the same thing... not making the progress that I really wanted to .

    I don't have any experience with acai berry, I'm sorry. I do agree with Mandie. .. as long as you are continuing to eat healthy and exercise, I can't imagine it would have negative effects. It may not have a real affect, but I don't think it will hurt you. :)

    Keep up the good work. We'll get LOWER than our starting weight this week!

  7. Hey Alina -

    I didn't order the Acai stuff from the internet. I kept hearing too many horror stories like you are dealing with. Overcharging etc. I went to GNC (even Wal-Mart carries a brand) and bought a bottle called AcaiSlim. It has the Acai berry, Green tea and chromium in it. It seems to be helping me curb my appetite and that is what I wanted so you might want to check that out!