Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Day Today...All Week

Today my boss is coming to my store...and it's all about making sure he's impressed with my progress....I have seen so much of my District boss lately and will be that he may have had enough of me for the rest of the in all actuality my boss is cool...very smart and I have learned a lot from him...I have three if one wasn't enough but hey you do what you have to. So no work out today and no work out tomorrow because I am going with the boss to Bismark...and then Wed. he is back at my store until he flies there goes three days...My flu is still here but I feel a lot better...I want to get to the gym....And I don't even know if there is a weigh in tomorrow...please let me know...Ok wish me luck..

You all keep up the good work and remember to be Healthy...MUAH!

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  1. oh I miss retain with dm's and all the madness of store visits, where do you work?