Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Frienemy...

So this scale of mine....eegh...totally erks me sometimes really!~ I weighed myself yesterday and I was at 191 lbs and I was all stoked thinking if I am really good all day I can totally be at 190 tomorrow..well didn't turn out that way this morning..I weighed 193.2...not even a complete pound lost from last weigh in. I am so frustrated with this scale...forget the scale my body! WTF I have been working out in fact if super ugly outside and still I drag myself to the gym...woooh...

Okay....getting a grip...today I ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and a salad for lunch...going to the gym if time permits after work and then coming home and making dinner for my hubby and I. Chicken with whole wheat yolk less pasta and tomato sauce which is low in sugar and sodium...

A new week right? Okay so I'm going to focus on the good and I may come back next Tuesday with a 5lbs loss...jk. I will keep it up...I realized just right now that I am expecting my monthly friend soon which probably explains the gain....ok I will not freak anymore.

The new challenge is great you can earn all sorts of points...oh and I believe I kept my promise which I posted on my blog last week...So this week I promise to go into all my team mates blog at least twice this week...So there you have it a freak out-daily blog-and total mess!! LOL



  1. I think we(team dancer)are all having a rough week this week! no worries friend, i have faith that things will get better! who knows, you may come back with a five pounds loss! this could be the week that your body finally gets with the program and thinks "hey, i'm going to lose weight this week!" I'm sure that your tom affected your weigh in this week, but you still did great! i know that a lot of us on team dancer gained/ used weekly passes so just tell yourself, a loss is still a loss!

  2. You had a great week even if the scale didn't show as much as you wanted! Keep it up!