Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday & Super Cold!

So today is Thursday and it's only getting colder here in ND....Like I said before I've lived in Texas my whole life until recently and now I'm in "Antarctica!" Ok well it feels that way for me...My friend Lisa is leaving to Michigan because her husbands' grandmother passed yesterday...My prayers are with them and their families...So today I am going to the gym then home to get ready for work...then of course work it is. I will take dinner since I close tonight and won't get out until 9:30....

On a different note I wanted to share that I am super homesick! My sister called this morning at like 7 and she said to bundle up because I live in the coldest part of the country at the time...WoW! I miss my family and friends and my pet too! When my husband is not home and I am alone I feel horrible...I don't want to eat or even go outside...I mean I drag myself to the gym but then right back home....I know that I am a 27 year old woman but I am very attached to my family...especially my MOMMA! I miss her the most considering she lived with me the past 5 years before moving up here. Anyway I am going to be as positive as I can a couple months I will be visiting home for Christmas..

Ok everyone have a wonderful Healthy Day!


  1. I'm so sorry you're feeling so homesick. It's understandable though. I'm very attached to my family too, and it's the very reason we haven't packed up and moved yet. ((((huggs))) Keep going to the gym though, it will make you feel BETTER about yourself!!

  2. Brrr!!North Dakota! Big change from Texas, that's for sure! Sorry to hear you are so homesick. I am in Alabama and my family is all in Missouri. We talk a lot on email/phone/facebook etc. but it's not the same. Keep focused on your Christmas visit! It will be here before you know it and you will be looking great!

  3. I dont think I could ever live in North Dakota.! Way to cold. All of my family is pretty close, but I know that I would get homesick if I lived far away. Heck, I get homesick for my family when I am on vacation! Hopefully Christmas will be here before you know it!