Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Apologies...

So here is it...I messed up and didn't weigh in yesterday and I didn't post...I got kicked out and rightfully so becuase I wasn't responisble enough to post I kicked myself out. I am going to continue to post on my blog and check in on all of you...Good luck!

Remember to reap from your positive thoughts!!

Have a great Healthy day!


  1. Aww :( I'm still preparing the results post! Just say the word and I'll write you down as a free pass. But it's your call.

    Either way -- keep striving for your goals!!! ♥

  2. i hope that you were able to get it to christine before she posts! with or without gag, i know you will do awesome!

  3. HUGE BUMMER GIRL!!!!! I totally hate to see this ...but know you will do awesome. You'd better keep on trucking...I KNOW you can!