Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week Nine Weigh In

Today I stepped on the scale realizing before hand that I had gained weight. I weighed 195.6 almost a pound up from last week but I am not going to sit here and tell you to feel bad for me because of all the challenges I've had this month...Reality is that we all face challenges daily and it is only defeat that we should worry about. I am not going to let this past month defeat me. November is a new month and I am going to do my best to lose as much as I can before the last weigh in. I am going to start listening to my CD's of the Secret again and be positive...I need a reminder of how to keep those nasty thoughts out of my head. The law of attraction says that you attract what happens to you daily depending on your thoughts and feelings...if you feel bad you will continue to attract bad feelings...if you think of something that brings happiness to you....and focus on that...you will attract more happiness to you...Good Luck on tapping in to those feelings you all...MUAH!

And thank you for being there...

Have a great Healthy day!


  1. Great thinking Alina! I should borrow your CD's after you are "through" with them... maybe I would benefit from them too... Might be a GREAT thing to put on iPod for listening too also... :)