Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am now back...I think

Hello ALL!

I have been on a hiatus but I think I'm back...I've gained weight as most of you can probably guess...but I really want to be on a healthier track not just because of the new year but for me...I feel...well FAT...need I say more...I want to work out and feel good about myself and focus less on the wieght. Congratuations to all of you who finished the challenge! I am sooo glad women have more will power than I do. I plan to change that though. I am now 28 years old and well it isn't easy to loss wieght any longer so I have to make healthier choices and work out at least five times a week. I pay for a membership at the Y and have been there in the past two months maybe once or twice. Go figure...I need to positive and I dont' feel positive so I need to change my mindset.

So there it is. My "big" plan...working out and being healthier with all my food choices. Wish me luck!

I'll keep in touch.